Transparent PV Glass

design photo

Our power generating glass is available in a range of transparencies. Using our PS-CT Series glazing you can have from 10 to 50 percent transparency. More transparency reduces the power generation. However our glass is the only glass you will find that has a return on investment! Furthermore, adding building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) to your building also gives the glass superior thermal control. Our glass reduces heat gain/loss in buildings to a g-value ≈ 0.24 for single glazing and u-value ≈ 1 W/m²K for double glazed units.

Benefits of BIPV

  • Integral part of the building envelope
  • Energy yield - onsite generation
  • Low heat gain values - Reduced building cooling
  • Marginal additional cost in construction
  • High insulation values - Reduced heating
  • No additional footprint / resources