Product Specifications and Datasheets

Polysolar manufactures a wide range of different solar BIPV glass technologies designed to best meet the application and situational needs of our clients.  All our products can be manufactured into insulated double-glazed units and are fully warranted and certified.  

PS-CT-series - Transparent see-through Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) thin-film Photovoltaic technology.  Colourless/grey/black pixelated appearance.  Available in range a transparencies, opaque to 80% light transmission.  Standard panel dimension 1200mm x 600mm x 7.1mm, but available in any bespoke shape and size up to 3m.  Full range of colour laminates or coatings available on request.  Efficiency from 12% or 118Wp/m².

PS-MC-ST series - Semi Transparent Monocrystalline Silicon (c-Si) photovoltaic technology.  All Black square silicon cells embedded in a transparent glass glass laminate.  Available in range of transparencies and/or with back white or black film. Standard panel 10% light transmission and dimension 1049mm x 1770mm x 7.1mm (60 cell). Full range of  coatings available on request. Efficiency from 20% or 210Wp/m².

In addition to these glass modules we also supply conventional silicon panels for integration into structures and systems.

Polysolar solar panels can also be manufactured in bespoke sizes. If you are looking for bespoke panel sizes then please get in touch with our customer support team.