Domestic Solar Canopies and Carports

With the transition to electric vehicles, now more than ever it makes sense to power your car from our own clean renewable solar energy source – saving the planet and your fuel bills. What better way than a solar PV carport. Polysolar’s unique range of solar carports designed to suite every environment and budget will not only provide a shelter from the weather but can power your car or home.

With Polysolar you can be assured that our innovative technology, advanced engineering and latest architectural designs will add value to your home for many years to come. Our solar PV carports are capable of generating 3,000kWh of electricity per year, enough to power the average plug-in electric vehicle for over 12,000 miles a year in the UK. That means free car travel for life.

Combined with battery storage, EV chargers and grid connection our intelligent solar controls can also optimise your power usage and minimise your costs. As leaders in BIPV Polysolar can deliver the full package from design, integration, construction and commissioning or just the kit for you to self install.

Polysolar offers a range of standard Solar Carport designs as well as bespoke solutions, deploying our unique transparent PV glass or conventional solar panels that for the watertight roof.  We also offer integrated EV plugs (from a range of leading manufacturers) as well as integrated battery storage, inverters and lighting where required.

Solar Canopy Designs - H-Frame Structure

This four leg conventional carport design offers a slim aesthetic profile that will blend in with most driveways. As a modular self supporting canopy structure there are many sizing options available and the structural aluminium roofing can be mounted on bespoke frameworks if required. 

The innovative design means all the solar cabling is hidden and protected in the framework.  Equally the EV charging ports and inverters can be housed within the framework.

Available in gun metal grey the modern design can accommodate Polysolar’s see-through PV glass, as well as semi-transparent glass laminate and convention solar panels. The canopy can be attached directly to a building or stand alone.

Our collaboration with NewFrame, our strategic and installation partner, has greatly improved operational efficiency. The synergy between our teams fosters innovation and seamless project implementation.

solar pv garden canopy solar glass roof
solar pv car port solar pv garden seating area

Solar Carport designs - Cantilever Structure

Our latest cantilever carport design minimises the structural floorplate to provide easy access and simple installation.  Suitable for positioning at the side, front or rear of the property. The carport can be angled to optimise sunlight captured and fit within the site. 

The carport framework is fabricated from curved tubular carbon steel and is galvanised, and powder coated to ensure a maintenance free life. The roof canopy offers a unitised watertight aluminium frame with solar PV laminated glazing panels. 

The carport structure incorporates both the solar panels and cabling within its frame, as well as the control panel for both the solar electrical grid connection and electric vehicle charging point (EVCP).  Providing points.  This provides a secure, safe, and aesthetic design to complement your home and car.

The carport structure can be installed by our professional team using prefabricated foundations, that minimise disruption and associated ground works costs or can be installed on a preformed concrete bed foundation. In most cases there is no need for trenching or repaving. 

Our Y-frame carport design can support Polysolar’s innovative range of solar PV glass technologies to provide a waterproof and translucent roof to the carport.  This includes our unique see-through transparent thin-film solar glass panels as well as our mono-crystalline solar cells embedded in a glass laminate that offer various levels of light transmittance.

Our standard Y-frame design delivers a canopy of ~15 m² (~4.2m width x ~5.4m Length.  Height 2.4m at lowest and 3.5m and highest. 5° degree pitch.  Front or rear facing roof. An integrated 7kW EO tethered EV charger is included. Peak power up to 4.2kWp*.  Variable bespoke dimensions are available in increments related to standard PV panel sections.

PS-CT - Thin-film Cadmium Telluride solar glass panels in landscape

Carport Standard Dimensions - 3.7m x 4.9m

solar car port
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PS-CT - Thin-film Cadmium Telluride solar glass panels in portrait

Carport Standard Dimensions - 3.8m x 4.8m

solar glass carpark

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PS-MC - Mono-crystalline silicon solar glass-glass panels in portrait

Carport Standard Dimensions - 4.2m x 5.4m

solar pv carport

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pv carport

Solar Glazing – the next generation of solar panels for carports, canopies, conservatory roofs, greenhouses and poolhouses, giving you renewable power and practical performance in your home as well as the ability to reduce your energy bills immediately and offset the cost in a matter of years.

Solar glazing is a renewable, carbon-free, environmentally-friendly and totally useable glazing product that will substantially reduce your energy bill whilst also providing an aesthetic and useful addition to your home. Solar is also VAT free and guaranteed to increase your home’s value and with the rising cost of energy will start to pay for itself even sooner than ever.

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We all love the sun. Especially when it’s working for us. By capturing the power of the sun, you’re doing your bit for a better tomorrow by generating energy today.

Polysolar offers its innovative transparent solar canopies which can transform a terrace or garden into an all-weather living space. Offering UV protection with their modern look, our solar glass solutions work at less than 10% sunlight, meaning you can harvest solar power for longer. Any unused energy can be stored in a solar battery to use at night by our smart home energy solutions.

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