Domestic Solar Carport

With the transition to electric vehicles, now more than ever it makes sense to power your car from our own clean renewable solar energy source – saving the planet and your fuel bills. What better way than a solar PV carport. Polysolar’s unique range of solar carports designed to suite every environment and budget will not only provide a shelter from the weather but can power your car or home.

With Polysolar you can be assured that our innovative technology, advanced engineering and latest architectural designs will add value to your home for many years to come. Our solar PV carports are capable of generating 3,000kWh of electricity per year, enough to power the average plug-in electric vehicle for over 12,000 miles a year in the UK.  That means free car travel for life.

Combined with battery storage, EV chargers and grid connection our intelligent solar controls can also optimise your power usage and minimise your costs. As leaders in BIPV Polysolar can deliver the full package from design, integration, construction and commissioning or just the kit for you to self install.

Polysolar offers a range of standard Solar Carport designs as well as bespoke solutions, deploying our unique transparent PV glass or conventional solar panels that for the watertight roof.  We also offer integrated EV plugs (from a range of leading manufacturers) as well as integrated battery storage, inverters and lighting where required.

VW Design

This simple domestic carport design provides a high performance solar canopy at a very competitive price.  The key advantage of this carport design is that it minimises the depth of foundation required, with the cross supports providing the structural integrity required.  

Available in white or gun metal grey, this is a lightweight fully galvanised aluminium structure, allowing simple erection even in the tightest of situations.  The canopy’s modular roof design  can accommodate semi transparent glass laminate solar panels or standard framed solar panels capable of generating 205Wp/m².

H-Frame Design

This four leg conventional carport design offers a slim aesthetic profile that will blend in with most driveways.  As a modular self supporting canopy structure there are many sizing options available and the structural aluminium roofing can be mounted on bespoke frameworks if required. 

The innovative design means all the solar cabling is hidden and protected in the framework.  Equally the EV charging ports and inverters can be housed within the framework.

Available in gun metal grey the modern design can accommodate Polysolar’s see-through PV glass, as well as semi transparent glass laminate and convention farmed solar panels. The canopy can be attached directly to a building or stand alone.

Bespoke Carports

Polysolar has been building bespoke solar carports for over a decade.  We work with leading architects designers and fabricators to create the prefect tailored solution to your transport and home needs.  We fabricate carports, garages and structures from materials that suite and blend with your property and provide.

Park and charge your car in a safe environment whilst generating solar electricity. 

Polysolar integrates its solar canopies into homes in conjunction with electric vehicle charge points and home energy solutions, enabling the solar energy you generate to be used to power your vehicle.

Our solar glass solutions work in less than 10% sunlight, meaning you can harvest solar power for longer.

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Why Choose a Polysolar Carport?

  • Over 10 years of experience of integrating transparent solar solutions            
    • Carport structure tested to extreme snow and wind loadings in the UK                  
    • Compatible with EV charging points and battery systems              
    • Modular construction to reduce installation times